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Readers Respond: Ways to Beat the Winter Blues?

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If you live where it gets cold in winter and love outdoor plants, winter can be depressing. If you've overcome that depression, then you've found ways to beat the winter blues that you can share with the rest of us. At the very least, we must find outlets for the energy that, in summer, we'd be expending on the plants in our yards (be it caring for them or just plain admiring them). The possible outlets are many, ranging from activities directly related to plants (e.g., reading landscaping books) to activities that take our minds off plants altogether (e.g., skiing or working out at the gym). Either way, let us know your approach to beating the winter blues. Or if you live in a warm climate, by all means say so and rub it in! Share Your Approach

Oregon Winter Challenges

Oregon is beautiful, but in winter -- not so much. Rain is the main obstacle for one who loves to be outdoors. We reconfigure our days by using the elliptical, working with weights, and getting the house in top shape as well. We get a jump start on spring cleaning: washing inside windows on non-sunny days, cleaning the garage, etc. When spring pops its sunny head, we are ready to get outside and walk, take day trips, etc. We smile as we enjoy each day in the spring time, knowing we have occupied our winter days on preparing for our fun spring!
—Guest Linda

Plan, Plan, Plan

I can't stand winter -- especially when it means icy-gale mountain winds. I gather up all my catalogs and map out my 2014 vegetable gardens. I also plan any new raised flower beds. When I can, I collect seeds and spread them around, gather up tumbleweeds and branches, etc.
—Guest bamboo

Advice: Get Outside!

I do whatever I can to get outside! It's not the season that can get me down, it's the being indoors. When all else fails, I put on my blue wig! It never fails to make me laugh when I catch myself in the mirror!

A Little Humor....

I go outside, kneel down and start pulling weeds: it's real good therapy. Oh wait, there's snow on the ground, so I can't do any weeding. Instead, I shovel my walk (wish I had realized this before I knelt down!).

Beating Winter Blues?

What winter blues? I revel in each season and deliberately live somewhere where I do have four seasons. Winter is the icy palette for landscapes...blues, greys, with touches of red and greens. Actually prefer winter as I am not temperature-sensitive and usually don't even get cold. Cool, of course, but cold, no. Deep clean my house (spent twelve hours on the stove, for example) and in general enjoy the whole thing.
—Guest molly

Winter Blues Are for the Birds

I hang a large stick with holes and landing dowels outside my kitchen window. I cover it with peanut butter and the birds are constant. My friends admire all of God's flying flowers at my window. I may not have plant flowers in the winter, but all the colorful birds are like flying flowers constantly changing. Also, in the summer I put all the house plants like diffenbachia and blood leaf bananas in the shady areas outside around the house, giving a tropical look. In the winter I bring these in the house and have a beautiful small jungle area.
—Guest shular1

No Blues for Me!

I love winter. Always have. I love the snow, the cold, frosty mornings, hot chocolate and all that goes with it! I live in the mountains of Pennsylvania, where we get snow, and I couldn't be happier! Of course, after 3 or so months of it, spring is often a welcome sight! LOL
—Guest Pipper2

Light Therapy

I spend 20 minutes in front of a Light Box to get my necessary light each day. This helps me beat the winter blues and regulate my sleep cycle, which seems to get off in the winter.
—Guest Cindy Duggin

UV Helps

I go to the tanning bed about 10 minutes once a week. This is very low exposure but can give great replacement therapy for those of us who LOVE the summer.
—Guest Olivia

Cleaning and Sharing

My title means cleaning out my closets and sharing the things I cleaned out, like clothes that are in very good condition, center pieces that have grown "old" in my house (sharing artificial flower arrangements in nice pots). I'm giving away planters or pots, as they will be new to someone else.
—Guest Virginia

Getting Ready for Spring

Winter is time to reboot somewhat. By the time I have managed to get cleaned up after christmas, then the seed catalogs are there and that is great for getting organized for the coming season. I also usually have several other projects I haven't quite gotten finished from the fall (indoor projects, I do lots of needlework). I don't mind hibernating somewhat, recharging my batteries and gearing up for the big push in the spring.

Sun Beats Winter Blues

Yeah I got them. Trying to rest an ornery sciatic nerve. Real light exercise and for once a lot of nice sunny days also help.

A "Conservative" Approach

I go out to the conservatories. They're free and help boost one's mood. I did this yesterday because I was feeling blue, took some pictures and now feel better.
—Guest pam

Plants and Planning Beat Winter Blues


Read on the Internet

On days I don't set outside in a grey Indianapolis day, I sit inside with a cup of coffee and read online newsletters like this one. I also like doing puzzle books and just plain reading.
—Guest Jenny Stanley-Baker

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Ways to Beat the Winter Blues?

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