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Readers Respond: What's the Most Unique or Unusual Yard Art You've Seen?

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From the article: How to Make Bottle Trees
Yard art can be unusual or even unique. If you have seen or installed such unusual or unique yard art, here's the place to report or brag about it. Don't be afraid to define "yard art" broadly: It can be a sculpture from a much-lauded artist, but it doesn't have to be. The yard art that has most caught your attention might even be a tacky creation that you'd never consider installing in your own landscape. That's OK: Remember, this survey is about the most unique or unusual yard art, not the "best" yard art.

Unique Yard Art: Glassware

I saw a combination of old glassware glued together, and decided I had to have a piece. The lady who was doing them had some in her garden, placed so the light reflects off them. I have yet to place mine, as I moved in August, and was busy building a couple of new beds, so I could get some plants in the ground for the winter. I can spend the winter deciding on the best spot for it.
—Guest Kathy

Unusual Yard Art: Tacky Variety

The people who bought my home have the most tacky yard art mish-mash with wooden painted gramma and grampa bent over as if they were picking weeds, a huge concrete tortoise, a huge fountain with an angel, they leave the Christmas lights up year round, around the mailbox they have wooden painted tulips, other tacky plastic flowers in various locations etc. I feel sorry for my old neighbors who have to see it everyday!

Stone Face: (Nearly) Unique Yard Art

I purchased a stone face -- one of only three that were made by the original artist. It weighs about 150lbs and is 2ft wide by 2.5 ft high. He sits in my garden illuminated by one small light in the garden next to my pond. He has become conversation piece to all who have seen him. He was, in my opinion, worth all the money that I payed to bring him home. The fact that there are only two more like him makes him a hard find and a unique piece for my garden landscape.
—Guest Billy

Garden Railway Makes for Unique Yard Art

The most unique yard art I've seen was at a home where the people were garden railroad fanatics. Talk about creativity! The train tracks skirted the edges of an artificial pond, replete with miniature islands, barges, sailing ships, etc. This garden railway climbed little knolls in places, adding further interest. This terrain was dotted with miniature houses and people; dwarf trees were massed together to compose a "forest." No yard art has ever done a better job of catching my eye!
—Guest Michael

Yard Art: Pictures?

Aren't there pictures of these unusual art yards? I have a neighbor with an amazing yard of artwork, but you would need the pictures to appreciate it. [Editor's note: Pictures of unique or unusual yard art may be posted in my Landscaping Forum (http://forums.about.com/n/pfx/forum.aspx?nav=messages&webtag=ab-landscaping&lgnF=y). If the idea of posting pictures for this topic catches on with readers, I will create a medium through which everyone's pictures can be viewed, all in one place.]
—Guest Arlene Montemarano

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