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Readers Respond: How Bad Neighbors Can Banish Backyard Serenity

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Living Next to Husbands Ex-Wife

She is living off her handicapped child. She installed cameras, and yet she is the one who causes all the problems. Cameras have been up 2 years and it's obvious we don't do anything. She needs professional help! Cops have been here over 20 times. She has driven through our driveway to get to her daughter's yard. Calls me names in front of my children. Called cops 3 times. Nothing happened, of course. Called building commission about our pool, out building, fence we had put up. It is very sad how bitter she must be. Her 2nd child, who is 26, tried to intimidate my 12-year-old child by calling her names and threatening her. I think mental illness might run in their family.
—Guest Kim

Insufferable Neighbors

New noisy neighbors (1) left their dog locked up in their laundry room barking, howling, and crying for hours at a time. After talking with them, the third time it happened, I called the police. And I'm the ass? They have a pool and trampoline. Their children shriek. I used to say I loved the sound of kids laughing, but this shrieking and screaming at the top of their lungs is awful. The parents do not teach self restraint. Neighbor 1 has no respect for those around them. Other new neighbors (2) moved in across the street and started an illegal Freddy Fix It shop. He fixes cars, motorcycles, wave runners, you name it. It is NOISY. I complained, and I'm the ass? Where do these people come from? Noisy neighbor 1 and Noisy neighbor 2 are friends. We all live on a canal, yet noisy neighbor 2 sits on his FRONT porch and talks loudly. Why rent a house on the water, then sit in your front yard? His wife hacks up hairballs at 7:30 AM everyday. GROSS.
—Guest irbgirl

Nosy, Bossy, Arrogant Neighbors

My husband and I are twenty and have two kids. We have worked hard to get to where we are. We are renting a house for the first time, and we had an agreement with the landlord. We fix up the place, we don't have a deposit. We moved in about six months ago, and our neighbors have been nothing but rude. They seem to feel entitled to tell us what to do because they knew the homeowner, who happened to raise my husband. My husband is Hispanic, and when we came the night before we signed the lease to set off bug bombs, they had nothing but contempt for him. Apparently "people like him" bring trouble. Anyhow, it took a few weeks to get the garbage day figured out, we're first timers after all. We apologized for the mess as we renovated, and got it cleaned up as much as possible. Once we had caught back up with things I thought the glares and comments would stop. They didn't. They literally check our garbage cans to see how full they are. Is that not twisted?
—Guest distressedrenter

Bad Neighbor Story

I live on 7 acres, and over two, I have my house and gardens and trees and landscaping. A neighbor has pasture that butts up to the back of my property. He is an air conditioner repair person and dumps old units out there. I have planted cedar trees as a blind and habitat for birds and to block his junk. Twice he had horses and cattle break through my fence and eat and trample a lot of my pride and joy. After many nice complainants and no respect, he was informed I would have all his animals picked up by animal control. So far, he has taken them off his property, but still waiting on my fence repairs.
—Guest Judith

Imitation Not Sincerest Form of Flattery

I can't believe this problem is so wide spread. I've been living on my block for 3 years. I have neighbors from 1 side who copy everything I do. He stalks to see when I'm outside and runs out there to water at the same exact moment I'm doing it. This stalker never did any of those things before I moved there. They try to incorporate the same exact techniques I use for my yard. I have seen him spying over to my yard in the bushes and runs off when he gets caught. I just ignore those neighbors now. I run off when they come out. I come back later to water my plants and do my stuff when they're not around and it works. I'm going to be placing security cameras if they start harassing me. The lady across from me runs outside whenever I'm outside. She will do the same exact things I do, from cleaning up the yard and the street to watering at the same time. She's an annoying b*tch. My other neighbor copies my clothes, hairstyles, even how I hang my clothes outside, my laundry soap -- you name it. Copying is stalking.
—Guest wow

Neighborhood Poop-Palooza

Great. I have to deal with two idiots, one across my driveway and another nut next door. He has five cats pooping all over my property (in my garden) and peeing on the balcony. Their cats sleep on my concrete furniture, then in the morning he has his dogs pooping all around the street, and they leave beautiful doodles on my pavement. Then in front of me I have a psychotic woman who obstructs my driveway, and it just blows me away how inconsiderate some people can be. But karma is a b*tch and it will revolve right back at them without me touching one ounce of their disgusting existence.
—Guest jtsix

Advice to forgot10 Knight

You should call the local police, they should have an animal control officer-speak to him. Entrapping a neighbor's pet is illegal (here), and by baiting the trap even more so. If this does not work, get a bank loan and build an 8 foot fence, which will really burn his butt. It's not really the cats, it's you. I have several neighbors who love my cat because he cleans up mice, moles, and excess rabbits. Maybe you could ask pain in the ass if he wants help with that. But I'd go with the fence.
—Guest catsfromhell

The Rats Hate My Fence!

Where do I start with my bad neighbors? Their kid broke our fence panels throwing a baseball against them. Then I found a freshly-lit, 4-inch cigar burning in the dried grass next to fence that is attached to house. They brought rats with them and let them loose in neighborhood. I bird-shot one in my Weber grill and another on the roof cutter. I think the family suffers from ADD.
—Guest unknown

Good Fences Solve Bad-Neighbor Issues

I agree with Sugar. Don't look in my yard! My horror story is a rickety fence, under 6 ft tall. The bad neighbors across the alley and next door look in my yard and yell obscenities at me. They don't take a break on the holidays, either. I'd like to rip them a new one, but I think I'm going to try for an 8 or 10 foot fence.
—Guest sickofthis

Don't Go to Court Without a Lawyer!

My neighbor is still harassing us even though we took him to court for harassing us and threatening us and destroying our property. His crooked lawyer got him off. Also, we had a very biased woman Judge who dismissed his protection order case. The troublemaker neighbor lied through the whole thing while my mom told all the truth and the judge and the lawyer knew that. Unfortunately, my mom didn't have a lawyer. It was a very unfair trial. Just a warning for other people that have problems with their neighbors and take them to court: get yourself a lawyer. We will never have peace with this neighbor, but God knows this neighbor lied and he will get even with him.
—Guest Anonymous

My Freakin Lawn!

Ok, I also have a bad neighbor! He is on and off like a light. He replaced his back deck and we share a lawn (they are sort of connected). I was away for a week. I come back and there's big ruts from a truck being parked on the front lawn. I'm a big guy (I'm not used to people trying to fight with me). I knocked on his door to ask about it and he went on how its not a big deal, saying the grass will grow back. I said I'm worried about the ruts and that he needed to fix them. I was very polite. He went on with his rant, acting like I was doing something wrong by not wanting him to drive a truck on my front lawn. Man, I wanted to punch his ass in the face! So now I have big ruts on my front lawn, and to top it off, I've been mowing his lawn for him all summer just to be nice!
—Guest Markymark112

Blowing Leaves in My Yard

I've been living in this place for the last 10 years without a problem. But 2 years ago, I decided to put a fence around my property, because the other side of the yard is apartment. Ever since the fence was put up the stupid people living in the apartments blow leaves into my back yard.
—Guest Lina

My Neighbor's Cows Won't Shut Up!

I live in a rural area and my neighbor has 25+ cows. Those cows keep me up at night! They also have 9 horses that broke the fence and one mated with my horses and got her pregnant. They broke the fence twice. Both times my friend came over and somehow got them back. These horses are crazy and I can't keep them out!
—Guest Tired

The Nightmare Next Door

My neighbors on one side are a nightmare. The husband cut my grape vines on my side of my fence. He barbecues in his garage and smoke comes into my kitchen. They had a grease fire in their garage once from leaving the grill unattended. When the son was younger he and dozens of his friends would play street hockey in front of my house and would roller blade over my front lawn after the puck. There were dents in our parked vehicles from when they were body checking up our driveway. The husband and son, now older, each have boats that they park next to my back deck. When they work on them they can look over my "privacy" fence onto my deck. They run the outboard motors and the air smells of gasoline. The wife puts out two dozen garden gnomes in her front yard AND plastic flowers! She has a side "garden" with no living plants. They snowblow against my fence. Once he ripped up chunks of sod with the blower and shot it over the fence against my house. They drive cars on the lawn.
—Guest eckswhyandzee

Neighbor from Hell

Oh my Lord! I thought I was the only one in the world living with a neighbor from hell. Five years ago my neighbor lied about not knowing anything about anyone being in our back yard while we were away on vacation. It turns out she lied, and it was her registered sex offender boyfriend who trespassed into our property to allegedly adjust her cable wire, something they had asked if they could do previously and that I said no to. $6000.00 worth of property was stolen from our storage shed. I had a long talk with them and basically made it clear that all trust was broken. I have to live with them next to me, so I pressed no charges thinking this would be the end. I have been continuously harassed, vehicles vandalized, dead plants, her dogs are made to bark on command to annoy and disrupt any sense of peace in our back yard. She knows when we are about to leave and when we come home. She releases a chemical that smells like a pesticide every time I am outside, and only on me. How to prove?
—Guest olivia

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How Bad Neighbors Can Banish Backyard Serenity

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