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Readers Respond: How Bad Neighbors Can Banish Backyard Serenity

Responses: 380


Beware Landscaper Neighbors!

A landscaper bought the lot and building next to me in 2006. He informed me that he was raising the lot and putting in two mountains of colored red mulch there -- yeah, 50 feet from my well. To date, from the flooding this has caused for the past 7 years, 10 feet of my home's foundation is collapsed, my well has 17 different heavy metals in it from the old pallet wood and c&d debris wood mulch. My front yard is wrecked. The town, the D.N.R., and the county won't do anything about this matter and I am now forced to let the home I've lived in for 22 years go into foreclosure because of this idiot. I live in Southeast Wi.
—Guest Rob

Lazy Loons From Hell

We never had a problem with the woman who lived next to us until she died and left the house to her daughter. It sat empty for years. Her daughter is a bitch. Two trees on the property line started to die, so we called her and asked if we could cut them down and that's when she went nuts and started yelling at us for all kinds of crap. She has some looney idea we are out to get her. Now her son and his ex-wife (both in upper 30's) live in the house rent free. They have no jobs and are lazy as hell. They do nothing but think of ways to cause trouble. They have 2 stupid little dogs who bark at every little thing. When I get home from shopping she comes outside with the two dogs and just stands and looks at me take my stuff into my house (such a creep). In winter they shovel snow off the roof of their house and then take and move all the snow from the roof away from their house and put it against our home. They keep parking in our driveway. The shit they do never ends.
—Guest whyme

Bad Neighbor, Guy

Our neighbor, Guy is obsessed with his lawn and he asked a sprinkler company to add more sprinkler systems on his lawn. The reason Guy is doing this because he has two huge trees on his front lawn and he wanted those trees to produce lots of leaves. He knows his leaves will fly on our lawn. Guy refused to rake up his leaves and he won't let his lawn service to get rid of the leaves either. Guy only rakes up his leaves from his backyard but not the front lawn with lots of leaves facing to our house. Guy is evil and he has no respect for us. I rake up all of his leaves and I did over 50 bags. Guy is INSANE! His current girlfriend wrote two notes to me and said I should water our huge corner lot lawn at midnight and we don't have a sprinkler system but Guy and his live in girlfriend does. He is obsessed with us and they did not like it when I watered our huge corner lot lawn manually once in a while. It is hell to live across the street from a heartless neighbor like this.
—Guest Anonymous

Vandalism and More

Besides other vandalism, my bad neighbors dumped a huge amount of finely cut shredded paper on the corner of my yard. In the past, they sprayed my lemon tree with construction glue, they smashed my mailbox, they egged my house, they stalked me. Jacksonville, Fl.
—Guest Kathryn Splinter

Philosophical Look at Neighbor Relations

I find it amusing how everyone has their opinions on neighbours -- some for better, some for worse. However, I believe our neighbours impact us dearly! Our neighbours are the people that see us in the morning sitting out on our porch sipping our teas, they see us running out to the clothes line in our towels to get our favourite shirt, and they put up with our ridiculously shocking taste in music. You see, neighbours -- as much of a pain in the butt as some can be -- are the ones that know more about you than you would think. They know what times you're usually home, they know when you have gone away and they know what colour underwear you wear. Your neighbours may not be your friends, but they sure do know a lot about you from looking over the fence into your backyard and hearing the silly arguments that go on. They know the car you drive and its condition. I think it's pretty amazing how much our neighbours know about us -- and maybe they don't even realize how much they know!
—Guest Unique Neighbours

The Neighborhood is a Clique

When we first moved to our house 7 years ago, our house needed a lot of repairs outside and inside. We worked very hard to fix the place up. We live on a large corner lot with a lot of dead, dried-out trees and we had to get rid of them. Our house needed paint badly and we had our house painted ,and we had a leaky roof, so we got a new roof. Now all the neighbors are so jealous of our place. The neighborhood is a clique. They started harassing us by ruining our reputation, staring at us, destroying my property. They hated it when I watered our lawn, since it needed it badly. The former owner of our house didn't do anything to his place. Since we moved to the neighborhood and improved our place, they all hate us. We were just repairing it and that upset them. We are planning to move because of these jealous neighbors. They will never change. Our neighbors keep watching us all day long. It is okay for other neighbors to fix up their places, but not us. They are horrible neighbors.
—Guest anonymous

Neighborhood Intrigue: Attempted Murder?

My 78 year old neighbor, Doris asked her friend, Marilyn to back her minivan toward the corner of my new cement driveway, because she wanted her to break the corner and to hit me while I was edging the lawn next to the curb. I jumped out in time. Again, Doris asked an older couple to hit me while I was sweeping the debris next to my curb and I jumped out in time. The old man was driving straight and then he swerved toward me while I was sweeping the debris. Doris was home watching this happen. Doris ruined our reputation with everybody and they are dumb enough to believe her. We don't know her friends and they don't know us, so why are they doing this for her? Doris hates it when I do the outside work. Doris goes to church every Sunday, and when she gets home, she starts harassing us all over again. Doris doesn't do anything herself. She asks the dummies (her family and her friends) to do the dirty work for her. Doris is crazy and jealous.
—Guest Anonymous

Threatening Neighbors

My neighbor was power washing his leaves and debris off of his driveway and blew it to our lawn on purpose, and then my mom asked him, "Why are you doing this to us" and he told us, "Tell your daughter to shoot herself, you shoot yourself and your whole family shoot themselves." We called the cop on him and the cop told us to put a protection order on him and we did that. The neighbor said it again to us 3 months later, "Kill yourself, Kill yourself" while his dumb girlfriend heard him saying that to us outside. We went to court and we had a lot of evidence and the Judge dismissed it because he had a lawyer and we didn't. After that was over, the neighbor & another neighbor are harassing us again. We called the cops again and we told him that we lost in court and he told us, "That is the way the legal system works". The woman judge was very biased. The two troublemaker neighbors have been harassing us and destroying our property and calling us for 7 years. All we want is PEACE.
—Guest Anoymous

My Neighbor from Hell

http://youtu.be/Lf1GklqFtNA Take a look at this video of my bad neighbor. This is just the beginning, there is so much more to follow. More kicking, spraying poison on my freshly laid sod, putting up "No Clown" signs on the property line. Police. Oh yeah, much more to come, please watch this PHD Scientist in action http://youtu.be/Lf1GklqFtNA
—Guest Paul

Townhome Living

I live in a cute little townhome in Killeen, Texas, because my significant other is stationed at Fort Hood. We lived in the same townhome for a year and it was perfect. We have a cute little backyard with mulch and stone landscaping, a fire pit, and grill. We just recently had new neighbors move in and it been nothing but headaches! The first time I met them, they accused me of blocking their vehicles in the parking lot, when it wasn't even my car. Next they have been constantly screaming and fighting with each other all times of the day. Once it was a 2AM, another time at one in the afternoon. They have a little dog that constantly scratches on my wooden fence and yelps all the time. Every time they leave the driveway they rev their engine very loudly. It's driving me crazy, and on top of all of that, they constantly have loud music playing. Trying to keep my patience hoping they are still transitioning from the move. I guess we will see.
—Guest Catie

Creepy Kleptomaniac

We've lived in this house for about 11 years and live next to a hoarder who's a creepy kleptomaniac. In the front yard, his trees and bushes are growing over our driveway and branches have fallen off onto our cars multiple times. He and his girlfriend have around 30 cats, at least, and all they do is shit and puke in our yard. He also always has to park in the shade no matter how far he is in front of my driveway. The problems in the backyard are getting kind of scary now. During the summer I'll be laying in the pool and my dogs start barking and lunging at the fence and when I glance over that way I can see his bald head backing away from the fence. I can't do anything in the backyard without being watched. Recently, I've been noticing that things are missing. There is a piece of plywood up against part of the fence that's falling over and has loose boards. And I've put it back up every morning. It's obvious he has been in our yard and snooping around, looking in our windows.
—Guest Corisa

There Goes the Neighborhood!

I live on a block where everyone loves to keep their lawns perfect. We had a new neighbor move in who loves to collect junk and does it for his only business. Whatever he can't cash in, he sells. The place looks like Sanford and Son, and the front lawn looks like the moon. He never waters the lawn. Brown is the color in the summer. Why can't people who live in a nice neighborhood just be a little concerned and make the place look halfway decent? This guy and his fat girlfriend who owns the house -- or I should say the bank owns it because it's been in foreclosure for many years -- don't care about the neighborhood. When the house was bought 10 years ago, it cost 154k and she owes 360k -- whats wrong with this picture. The house is not even worth 250k. Think it's time to live where neighbors get along like back in the 50's.
—Guest Patty

Who's Really the Bad Neighbor?

Isn't guest, anonymous capable of getting along with anyone? Everyone is so jealous of her, they trash her Halloween stuff, they shine lights at her house, etc. This woman is badly in need of psychological help. She is getting to be a real pain here. And if all this stuff she moans about is true, it's likely to be so because she's driving her neighbors nuts! There are 2 sides to every story. I'd like to hear her neighbors' side of the story. And if things are so bad, where is her lawyer? Why doesn't she take them all to court?
—Guest catsfromhell

Neighbor Warned About Cat From Hell

My crazy neighbor (I'll refer to here as "the Pig") continues to be a real pain in the ass. She is asking everyone for food now. She smokes a pack a day. She attacked the wife of a friend on the bus and I had to buy flowers and write a nice note to say I'm sorry. I begged the landlord not to renew her lease. Landlords don't have to live with the people they rent to. The Pig would have been long gone if he had to. The people in the other units are great: we had a nice dinner one night, we passed inexpensive xmas gifts, and we talk all the time. No one talks to the Pig. Update (from prior post): Kid's getting better, though. We hope he keeps getting better, so he can have a real life. I do have a cat from hell, and I had to post it so that if the Pig was dumb enough to pick him up, I'm not liable for her boo-boos. He's so cute (until you touch him)! I wish this woman would just leave. The bad ones stay, the good ones leave.
—Guest catsfromhell

Living Next to Husbands Ex-Wife

She is living off her handicapped child. She installed cameras, and yet she is the one who causes all the problems. Cameras have been up 2 years and it's obvious we don't do anything. She needs professional help! Cops have been here over 20 times. She has driven through our driveway to get to her daughter's yard. Calls me names in front of my children. Called cops 3 times. Nothing happened, of course. Called building commission about our pool, out building, fence we had put up. It is very sad how bitter she must be. Her 2nd child, who is 26, tried to intimidate my 12-year-old child by calling her names and threatening her. I think mental illness might run in their family.
—Guest Kim

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How Bad Neighbors Can Banish Backyard Serenity

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