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Readers Respond: How Bad Neighbors Can Banish Backyard Serenity

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Worst In the Bad Neighbor Landscape

Ronald and Coleen are horrible people. They had her mother, who is in a wheel chair, live with them after the father died. Six months later they throw the old woman out! Who does this to family? What kind of people are they? This, to me, shows what type of people they are. The old woman is an invalid, her husband dies and they do this! They have this pretend life they live. They want people to think they are "good people". I hear them night after night. They are crazy and the wife, well I just cannot put into words what a horrible human being she is. I always say what goes around, comes around! Hope it is soon.
—Guest carrie

Puppy Mill

I have lived in my country home for 21 years and the last 8 years have been awful. Our neighbor sold a piece of his land to people who have put in a puppy mill (1/8th of mile from us). We have spent a lot of time and effort in trying to get these people to do something about the over 200 dogs barking. The response from these awful people is "we don't care". Is there some kind of barrier wall that we can put in our backyard so we can at least sit outside?
—Guest Jay Lynn

Bad Neighbor Lets Dog Bark All Night

I have a crazy old lady next door. She lets a Labrador retriever bark all night. She has had several neighbors ask her to bring the dog in at night. She won't do it, she claims he is a moose in the house. This is a lady who also prances around in a negligee, and does not wear any underwear. She is older, in her late 60s or 70s. She is outside in her negligee when the school bus pulls up in the morning. The school bus driver and I would have called the police, but there is another little old guy who walks his dog and pees in front of the school bus. The bus driver thought we should call the police on him instead. Anyway, if anyone ever tells you Henderson is paradise, just remember the story about the crazy old people flashing people and their barking dogs.
—Guest MTbaby

Got You All Beat

When it comes to stories about bad neighbors, I've got you all beat. My story is this: thirty feet off my property line my neighbor moved into an old, ratty trailer used for storage. There's no septic, well, electric. There's an outhouse. It's all legal in Fannin County, Georgia.
—Guest KelleeKaye

Nextdoor Newbies With Attitude

So the neighbors next door moved in after we were well established and their attitude was immediately apparent. We used the front of our house for our teens' cars but they parked there. And when asked to please move them to their empty driveway or empty space in front of their house, they got mad. It only escalated. They had frequent parties with loud music playing into the night, and we put up with it for a couple of years until his 30th birthday (well named a "white trash party") went late with loud music. So when asked to turn down the music, the drunk partiers said NO and someone tried to damage our car and their party came equipped with a visit from the police. Since then we have had vandalism in our side yard, rose bushes being cut down, others being sprayed with something, the edge of my yard being sprayed with something that killed the grass, lit cigarette butts thrown at my wooden arbor, beer cans tossed into my landscaping. We have security cam now and they fuss about that and do dances for us now and show everyone who comes over. Wish they'd move.

They Cut Down My Uncle's Memorial Tree!

My 90-year-old mom just lost her husband of 67 years. Now that he's gone, the neighbors are harassing my mom by cutting down her trees. She begged them to leave the tree my uncle (from England) planted during his last visit to Florida as a memorial because he was dying of colon cancer. They cut it down despite my mother's tears. Then they went on to trim her beautiful blooming Bougainvillea that she loves so much. I'm irate. I live n California and am disabled. Her English family is coming to take her back for awhile. This is the family that planted the tree. Can you imagine how they will feel when they see that it's gone? The neighbors claimed that the tree had rats that were invading their property. Their property is a mess. My Mom takes care of her land and she doesn't have rats. I'm wondering if we should contact her attorney and let people know that just because she's alone, she still has people looking out for her and make them pay for another tree just like the other one.


We have immature neighbors next door. People who grew up around here all say the same and they are not very popular. These people are in there 40's and act like they are 14 years old. They love to fight and love to gossip and when they get mad they love revenge. Need I say more! They don't seem to have many friends and I can see why! They know all of my business but I am a person that says what I think . If they want to spread it around it isn't anything I haven't already said to the people who deserve it. I have a bunch of very nice neighbors all around us and I will just find people I don't have to waste my precious time on.
—Guest monica

Welfare Recipients

I live in Glendale AZ in a condo where 13 people are living in a 935 square ft condo. There are 9 children, 5 under 5 sleeping in a 10x11 bedroom. The cops, CPS and DPS (welfare) have been called with no avail. They don't work. There are 4 adults living there and not one of them work. They bought a newer vehicle, new tires for all 3 vehicles, a large grille and other goodies. How do welfare recipients get so much when the rest of us working citizens barely are making it? Their kids yell and cry all day, and even ear plugs don't work. I leave as much as possible so I can have peace of mind. It is very hard seeing these families getting away with it. I was raised with 10 other bros and sisters and we had respect for my parents and the neighborhood. We just knew what to do. Kids nowadays have no respect, and the parents are lazy. They don't take the kids to a park or away. The kids scream and cry because they are always in trouble, because they want to do something other than sitting around.

Neighbors From Hell and Back

I am from a family of 12 kids and can't believe the neighbors who have moved in. We have the mother, 2 daughters and daughter's boyfriend with 9 kids. 5 of them are under 5. They scream, ride their bikes and big wheels and are just so noisy. I have tried to let the parents/grandma know of the constant distraction. When I am getting in my car I hear them saying, "Here she comes, I guess she's gonna call the police." I asked them if they want me to call the police since they are not following the rules of the association? They didn't know what to say since I caught them. The association does zero. They don't enforce the rules and the police are all customer service for the criminals. They have 9 kids and 5 of them are boys sleeping in a 10x11 room. CPS is doing zero too. Isn't it against the law to have boys and girls in 1 room? I thought it was. I am ready to find a neighborhood with no kids allowed.

Nosey and Gossiping Bad Neighbor

We bought our house 13 years ago and I should have checked out the two neighbors who live on each side of me. We share a common driveway. The one lady neighbor runs around the neighborhood spreading gossip and gets other neighbors so that all I get is bad looks and stares. All of this because I don't get involved with her gossip lifestyle. She watches everything my husband and I do. We can't work in our yard without her coming over bothering us and will not let us have any privacy. When I go outside to my car she is right there; she's everywhere when I'm outside. A busybody, annoying neighbor.
—Guest Peg

Rose Between Two Thorns

Your bad neighbour descriptions might as well be written by me, since I can relate. One neighbour wants me out of the neighbourhood because I am in my eighties. The neighbourhood yokels plus these two neighbours run cars, vans, quarter tons with noise maker attachments to their vehicles. They watch me like a hawk, staring up at the windows, stopping on the street in front of the house. I make myself invisible but this makes them search me out. They seem to think I might be naked in the windows! Even through the night there is a car moving in front of my house. If I answer my phone they know I'm in. Then the cars, trucks start running up & down past my house & follow me If I drive to church. All in the hope I will move somewhere else. I've had to call the Provincial police on them many times. Out of frustration I have driven down the highway at three o'clock in the morning blowing the horn for all I'm worth. When things get too bad I phone the Provincial Police.
—Guest Forever Female

Bad Neighbors - -Me or Them?

For twelve years I have lived peacefully with all my neighbors until new people started moving in. One new neighbor made his wife park her school bus on my lawn because he didn't want her damaging his. Every Fourth of July and New Years eve he would shoot fireworks at my house and leave them there. Another one moved in and immediately told me I have to move my mailbox because she was notorious for backing into them. Then my next door neighbor moved in and decided to spray Roundup 3 feet into my yard, so he could replace my lawn with what he wanted . Then he said he did it because he was confused. Six months later he has replaced his lawn but not mine. He turns his sprinklers on late at night and is killing my trees and causing weeds to grow in my yard. Now he and the mailbox neighbor are spraying weed killer in my yard to kill the weeds he is causing to grow there. The newest one says I am a bad neighbor because I asked her not to let her dog crap on my lawn. Am I really bad?
—Guest shamoham

Bad Neighbors in Montreal

I've lived in Lasalle, Montreal for the past 4 years. Our neighbors are one of the worst kind! They play their music so loud that my walls and my floor vibrates, and in the summer time, oh man, they have like 50 people from their families hanging out in front of my door (I live in a duplex). Even after everything they put me through, I still remain very polite with them because my parents raised me well. Our neighbor is a single mother and she has like 4 kids that are I think 15 or 16. When I took the place I said, oh, it's not gonna be that bad, it's a single mom taking care of her kids, but boy, was I wrong. All she does is sit on her ass drinking a beer on her porch with her mom and stay there from 10am to midnight. Like seriously, go get a job instead of living on welfare. Her kids, they always watch me and my BFF as if we were from another planet (they're black and we're white). Anyways, I'm moving soon, and this time I took a place were there's an administration in the building and security camera.
—Guest Mimi

Bad Neighbor? No, Insane Witch From Hell

I have an upstairs neighbor who is completely insane. As soon as my roommate and I moved in, she took it upon herself to shoot angry looks 24/7. We attempted to be civil by opening the door for her (she is an older, 55 yr old woman, we are both girls in our early 20s), and these kind actions seemed to only elicit more hostility. Well after she left a HUGE dent in the side of my car (she parks beside of me and it happened at night; when I got to the car her car wasn't there -- it had to have been her), and she made no apologies, said nothing. I had no energy to deal with it. The icing on the cake was when I was trying to get into my car early on a Saturday morning in a rush and she had her car door open blocking me from entering my car. I asked politely if she could move the door. She laughed and said I had to wait and then continued to insult me. I finally lost it and cussed her out and got in my car. She then began cursing at me too and danced behind my car and told me to grow up. Scary.
—Guest amy

Awful Neighbour

My grandma lives in a ground floor flat with one neighbour living above her. The neighbour has disabled the lights both outside and in the main corridor he and my grandma share. This recently almost broke my uncle's ankle. If it had been my grandma, she might not have been so fortunate. He has also placed a lock on the cupboard which contains the switches that control all the power in the complex. He made a ramshackle-looking shed on part of my grandma's property which neighbouring children play on. Everyone in my grandma's complex has complained on numerous occasions to the landlord but nothing has been done.
—Guest Anon

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