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Readers Respond: How Bad Neighbors Can Banish Backyard Serenity

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The Nightmare Next Door

My neighbors on one side are a nightmare. The husband cut my grape vines on my side of my fence. He barbecues in his garage and smoke comes into my kitchen. They had a grease fire in their garage once from leaving the grill unattended. When the son was younger he and dozens of his friends would play street hockey in front of my house and would roller blade over my front lawn after the puck. There were dents in our parked vehicles from when they were body checking up our driveway. The husband and son, now older, each have boats that they park next to my back deck. When they work on them they can look over my "privacy" fence onto my deck. They run the outboard motors and the air smells of gasoline. The wife puts out two dozen garden gnomes in her front yard AND plastic flowers! She has a side "garden" with no living plants. They snowblow against my fence. Once he ripped up chunks of sod with the blower and shot it over the fence against my house. They drive cars on the lawn.
—Guest eckswhyandzee

Neighbor from Hell

Oh my Lord! I thought I was the only one in the world living with a neighbor from hell. Five years ago my neighbor lied about not knowing anything about anyone being in our back yard while we were away on vacation. It turns out she lied, and it was her registered sex offender boyfriend who trespassed into our property to allegedly adjust her cable wire, something they had asked if they could do previously and that I said no to. $6000.00 worth of property was stolen from our storage shed. I had a long talk with them and basically made it clear that all trust was broken. I have to live with them next to me, so I pressed no charges thinking this would be the end. I have been continuously harassed, vehicles vandalized, dead plants, her dogs are made to bark on command to annoy and disrupt any sense of peace in our back yard. She knows when we are about to leave and when we come home. She releases a chemical that smells like a pesticide every time I am outside, and only on me. How to prove?
—Guest olivia

Crazy Woman

Every time I leave my house for 2 or 3 days, she does something in the area along the fence. This time, I came back from a 3-week vacation and found all the hedges (forsythia and wisteria) I had along her fence cut down to about 3 feet from the ground. Police told me to put up a camera to prove that she did it .Otherwise, the law does not help me to straighten this problem out. She did something similar before. I have lived here 30 years she lived like 15 years.
—Guest Michell

Omaha, Nebraska Saga (Continued)

My two neighbors, Doris W. & Guy B. of Omaha, Ne kept harrassing me & my mom. They hate it when I cut the lawn and watered the lawn & put the USA flag outside, and they would get even with us. When I was done watering the lawn, Guy & Doris opened my garage door purposely through their computers or garage remote. They did it many times and we called the cops & they want us to put a protection court order on them. Doris & Guy always mock my late brother on the day he died to hurt us. They are pure evil. They didn't know my late brother and my brother didn't know them either. It looks like they are jealous of my late brother because he was a gifted artist. How heartless they are. Every year, I put the flag outside on Veteran's Day & the doorbell rang & we were confused because there was no one at the door. One year, I forgot to put the flag outside on Veteran's Day & there was no doorbell ringing. I realize now, that they were using their computers to do this.
—Guest Anonymous

Bad Neighbor Needs Mental Checkup

You have no idea. Too bad I can't order a mental evaluation for a neighbor. Can't say too much since I am taking them to court to reclaim MY yard. They have started a fight with every neighbor around them. It's bad, really bad. I just want peace and a nice home with cordial neighbors for my kids to grow up around. Is that too much to ask?
—Guest helpitsbad

Advice for Guest Who Wants Peace, Quiet

I belong to the Mormon church. The best way to deal with these rude kids is to go to the church. Call (or go in person) and speak to the Bishop. Tell him everything these kids are doing after church -- they shouldn't even be there. If the Bishop won't help, talk to the president of the stake. Insist on doing this. There is nothing worse than a bad Bishop. If this does not help, call the cops and make sure the church knows who and why.
—Guest catsfromhell

Why Lawyers Are Wealthy!

Arrived home early from holiday. Found my hose draped over the neighbour's fence filling up his pool. This guy is a Porsche-driving lawyer. Got Sydney Water to calculate how much of my water he had used and sent him the bill. Needless to say he died a thousand deaths when he was sprung. Can't look me in the face now and avoids me whenever possible. When he does catch my eye I look at him with pure disdain. He used to think and act like he was "the guy" in the neighbourhood. He doesn't now. Karma comes to mind!
—Guest Linda

Advice for Guest, Anonymous

Guest, Anonymous is getting very creepy. I believe she has a lot of grief from her nasty neighbors, but she seems to have a lot of mental problems as well. If she is not in therapy, she should be. Maybe some of her neighbors are in her mind. (And, yes, it is hard to do a lot of yard work without a man. An ad in the local paper could help with that.)

Crazy, Neighbor, Crazy Kid

The landlord rented apartment to a crazy pig. They moved in and left broken glass. Cookware and garbage all over. Cleaned it myself so landlord wouldn't ruin law mower. Pig bought psyco kid bb gun. Kid shot newly redone apartment wall and windows full of holes. Landlord told pig her kid had to go or both would go. Kid still here 6 months after this. Pig lied, kid isn't going. Kid shot my cat with bb gun. Cops took it away. Pig's cats in heat, feral cats everywhere. Landlord mad. Cats fixed or gone. No money for that, but they eat takeout with LOTS of soda. $100 to fix cat. Went through everyone's stuff in shared basement, tried to take neighbor's cat cage and my air conditioner. Ruined all my canned goods except the ones she took. Called cops on upstairs neighbor, claimed he was homeless living in basement, despite the fact that Bob has been here 2 months. Pig needs to look out her window once. But she keeps windows closed at all times. Kid looks in my bedroom window. He also stole the panties of the nice girl up stairs. I could go on.

Neighbors and Their Kids (Part II)

The guy turned off my water hose outside. I mean who does that? The mom is a nurse's aid and smokes weed. The dad lets the kids go outside and he has two other children (and other children come over that are friends). They don't watch them and there's railroad track behind us. The kids go get the metal pieces to the railroad track and play with them. The one boy was pounding them like a hammer and cut his finger open, so I went and got my peroxide and ointment. The mom didn't think it was a big deal. You can't play with railroad track pieces like that. I mean, hello, wake up, folks! The boy has so much aggression when he plays with my son (he's 8 about to be 9 next month). Every time I have a bonfire those kids are right there and there parents are no where around. When the kids were playing with the railroad track pieces the mother says they're not doing nothing. Are you serious? I had a pool up and I let the neighbor's kids play in there but they didn't share the cleaning didn't want to watch them.

Neighbors and Their Kids (Part I)

I moved into a double and haven't lived here that long. I have been cleaning the yard -- it's beautiful out there, but nobody took care of the yard for I don't know how long so I started picking all the nails up, spraying weed killer around a tree that has poison ivy all around it, ivy hanging off the side of the house, and all the weed on the sidewalk. I grew a garden. I cleaned most of the yard up, I cut the grass (sometimes the neighbors help). Then the nightmare started: the children next door run through the house all night -- it sounds like they're pounding their wood floors. The floors are weak (this house is older, there's no cement under the house, but it's still a nice house). The boy next door has some kind of aggressive behavior. His dad does drugs and drinks whenever he can. He doesn't work and the mom goes to work and they have a little girl that says shut up and she's only six years old. The other boy is 8. He stepped in the garden and broke a green bean plant. They called me ugly one time.

Cat Haters: What's a Mouser to Do?

I have lived in my home for the better part of 23 years. A house was built next to mine after 10. The neighbors were elderly but I got along great with them. All of the others were just as great after the first passed. I have had a couple mousers on this property since I bought it. New neighbor moves in and all of the sudden hates the cats and started trapping them or trying to. I tried to talk to them and offered to buy plants for their garden to deter them and a few other offers to make all happy. Nothing doing: "I shouldn't have to do anything to have my property the way I want it. That's my right." "Cage them up or I'll trap them and haul them away. " A mouser can't do his job in a cage. I'm stuck. No give on their part, my offers shot down and for my outside cats it would be cruel to keep them locked up. And of course if you bait traps with cat food they will go in their yard even if they didn't before. Entrapment or luring across borders is what I would call that.
—Guest forgot10 knight

I Won the War (Part II)

(Cont.) Two weeks go by with this idiot up my rectum. My wife and I are out on our front porch with our 16 month old son blowing bubbles when he storms onto our property yelling and screaming that he ain't putting up with this "stuff" (had to make that sound better than what he actually said). It was about 3 or 4 little piles of dog droppings from my own dog in my corner of my own driveway! I told him to get lost and that if he ever comes back in that frame of mind at my wife, kid and/or me on my rented pad I would use lethal force to defend myself and my family. He responded, "I gotta gun in my truck." My wife threw his mom's mailbox key and we both told him to get lost and went back inside. I got a bunch of the neighbors together and we all screamed at the park manager over the next few days. Next thing I knew, he packed his mom up and he is gone! The S.O.B. moved pretty well for a guy near 70, though. He was mobile enough to definitely be a threat if he wanted.
—Guest red_oktober78765

I Won the War (Part I)

We live in a trailer park. Been here six years. In that time we have taken care of the itty-bitty old lady next door, getting her mail, taking her shopping and to the bank -- and all for 6 years. Fast forward: She's 94 now and ends up in a home for about 2.5 months. One day out of the blue, she comes back with her Vietnam vet son who is going to live with her "as long as it takes". I thought, "Oh, no. This ain't going to work." Sure enough, This fellow was outside, puffing on raunchy cigars every minute of every day, looking in the other neighbor's trailer window at his wife, on our rented pad telling us how high to mow our grass, bothering us constantly about every little thing. He was reportedly down the street bothering park workers and other neighbors, yelling at them, when my wife and I were at work. All this in a two-week time frame from him "moving in". He was basically going nuts stuck in a tiny mobile unit with his elderly mommy. (Cont.)
—Guest red_oktober

Horrible Neighbor Makes Holly Hell

A little over a year ago I moved to what I thought was a cute little street in the Village of Holly, Michigan. A few months later I realized my new next door neighbor and his crazy wife were going to be problems. They did all sorts of rotten, rude things to me. They backed up tractors on my lawn to pull out privacy bushes, hammered relentlessly for two months some dry wall on a crummy old shed they had that was near my main bedroom, spying on me all the time. Then, finally, when I had enough, I posted some no trespassing signs on my property. Well, Mrs. Crazy let loose with a ton of four letter words at me and threatened to physically assault me on my own property. Then for months they would try to provoke me by doing other various things like blowing a ten foot tall mountain of leaves on the property line next to my house so the wind would blow them into my yard. Their latest stunt is having a property survey that now says I have a shed on their back yard. All this has happened in just one year.
—Guest anonymous

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How Bad Neighbors Can Banish Backyard Serenity

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