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Readers Respond: How Bad Neighbors Can Banish Backyard Serenity

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Bad Neighbors: No Common Sense

I should have known that all people do not have common sense. Loud music, a child screaming, stomping and an unwilllingness to change. My neighbor is all this. So bad that I am trying to move. If people just used common sense on what's appropriate and what's annoying, things would be better. Good luck to all... next time I will do my research before I move.
—Guest What is going on

The Devil Next Door

The devil has now put up closed-circuit cameras on my house. He said I will run off. He does not want us here. He shoots a gun outside his window and stares at us. Real creepy. He is here to do the devil's bidding, I know it. He wants us out so bad. Doesn't the goof realize someone can't just pack up and move? I have tried to fight back but it makes me feel bad. I'm not that kind of person: I like to keep the peace.
—Guest enough

How Neighborhoods Should Be, Ideally

Neighborhoods should provide a feeling of belonging. Home should be a safe harbor. It seems like neighborhoods are becoming odder with people that seem to want to lead and "run" them while dismissing those who don't quite fit. No way this is right.
—Guest Nora Win

Floodlight Fiend

I have the same problem with a crazy neighbor. He puts floodlights on my house. They're crazy, evil people with no life.
—Guest anonymous

The Devil Next-Door

My neighbors block our mailbox, call the dog warden (and I have house dog). They block our driveway, post false pictures in their truck of my husband and son. come to my work. They call the police all the time. They yell and cuss at us and have a spotlight and camera on my house. They drive me nuts. I know they are the devil himself.
—Guest enough

Crazy Cat-Killer

A few days ago my neighbor swore my cats were in his windowsill "taunting" his dogs and "caused" his dogs to break his window. The cats were, in fact, in bed with me at the time he listed. He also said that at 4 a.m. they wake up his dogs. They are never out of my house after dark. Ever. I explained this and he starts screaming I have the only cats in the neighborhood. I point out that isn't true and he proceeds to tell me he is going to "shoot my cats" and "throw them on" my porch. I ask him to describe the cat bothering him and he tells me, "No law says I have to describe the cat." I am now terrified of finding someone's cat on my porch because this fruitcake shot it and threw it on my porch.

Neighbor Complains, Steals

You haven't heard anything yet. When I moved into my home I had a sprinkler system installed. My neighbor started complaining about the water on his driveway. I had a fence put up, and ever since, forget it. He steals my ornamental rocks, handfuls at a time. cuts flowers one stem at a time, takes sections of garden fences. I am trying to stop him but can't. I put up security cameras but he knows where they are pointing. I don't always go and check the tape. I want to put something in the ornamental rocks so he won't take them. Like barbed wire or thorns? I did that on one of my flowers last year. The last flower on the plant I taped a thorn branch on it and he must have felt it cause it is still there. Got any suggestions?
—Guest Ginger

For a New Neighbor TV-Show

I'm an LA-based casting director doing preliminary research for a new TV pilot that aims to solve neighborly conflicts in a neighborly way. I'm hoping you could help me get in touch with anyone interested in this topic, so they can reach me directly. You can check out our website www.metalflowersmedia.com to review our casting credits and e-mail at ivette@metalflowersmedia.com if interested. Many thanks, Ivette

Very Bad Neighbor

Heck my neighbor was so bad I wrote a book about it www.verybadneighbor.com
—Guest Thomas Smith

Bad Neighbors All Around Us

I guess nobody is trying to kill us or yelling at my husband and me when we go to the mailbox, but we have some real winners. We live in a town house with a shared back yard area. The new people behind us have started leaving their bright-as-the-sun porch light on all night long and basically making it impossible for people who live across the way from them to sleep. Then the weirdos next door have an 18 year old son who blasts TV and stereo in his room at top decibel levels and actually wakes up our infant daughter in her nursery. When my husband tried asking them nicely to turn it down and offered to buy the kid some headphones to solve the problem, his mother (I kid you not) said we were being unreasonable and he could listen at any level he likes. At which point my husband said "there goes the neighborhood" and now we don't speak with them. We've had to call the cops twice now. *Sigh.* Why can't people just grow the heck up and stop being jerks?!
—Guest WJS

Mr. Angry

Try living next door to someone who is always angry and sauced. He stomps around his yard, stopping only to glare at me with hands on hips if I am outside. He has challenged me to fight while holding a wrench...and called me names for no apparent reason. If inside, he sharply raps on walls to let me know he is always watching. A new privacy fence has helped. Too bad I cannot put one in the front yard.
—Guest Rev

Begging Turns Into Vandalism

New neighbors moved in 3 years ago, started begging for jobs to get spare money, then started just begging. When I finally figured out that they were wrecking things on my property to get those jobs, I stopped giving them money and stopped talking to them, and they then started a reign of intimidation, vandalism, and sheer creepiness. Protection from harassment should be better protected by the law, but apparently it is hard to prove. These miserable people have no ethics or integrity.

Story About an Entrepreneur Gone Bad

Neighbor started his own business, ran it out of his house and backyard. He had so much stuff, the only way he could get to his backyard was through my side yard. I put up a do not trespass sign; he tore it in half. I finally put up a fence against his fence and he called the city on me. Basically he wanted my house as a rental. Found out that he was doing the same to the gal on the other side of him (she moved.) He threatened to burn us out. He fed laxatives to our dogs. It goes on and on. He's gone now, thank God, due to foreclosure, but I will never, ever forgive the city for their "boys will be boys" attitude.

Strange Parking Pattern

One neighbor always parks across the road. Even though his driveway is empty and the side of road where he lives is empty, he always park on my side. It is annoying.
—Guest Loui

Neighborhood Is a Rumor Mill

My neighbors go around spreading rumors about me. And they don't even know me. That is why they make up crap and when someone new moves in, all of a sudden they don't say hello to me anymore. I know they are spreading rumors because one of my neighbors that was my friend told me they came over to her house saying things about me; she said that she liked me and did not want to hear it. They moved (her husband was in the military and were friends with me for years). None of my neighbors will pay one red cent to fix the back fence: I have to keep buying boards or panels on every side -- and I am a single woman with kids, and my grandma lives with me so I can take care of her. And I can't move because I lost my high paying job and if I sell my house I won't be able to get another one because I don't have a high paying job any longer (which made me eligible to get the house in the first place). I have been living here 14 years, almost have my house paid off, and am always current on my house payments.
—Guest Tami

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How Bad Neighbors Can Banish Backyard Serenity

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