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Readers Respond: How Bad Neighbors Can Banish Backyard Serenity

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OMG Bad Neighbors in Omaha, Continued

Doris W. and her daughter Shari W. of Omaha, NE kept harassing us by doing cruel things to us. Shari bragged about her new husband in our neighbor's obituary guestbook instead of talking about the deceased neighbor. How sad! The deceased neighbor knows now that Shari is doing it on purpose to harass us. My column was simple & we talked only about the deceased neighbor & how sorry we were that she died but this evil witch Shari W. just bragged in her column. How pathetic. I hate phony people. Her husband glared at us for no reason. Shari has a nasty big mouth because I told her to stop backing into our driveway from Doris's driveway and she said, "Are you start- ing trouble in the neighborhood"? I was shocked when she said that to me. We never back into Doris's driveway, we just back into the residential street like other people do but Shari & Doris figured they owned our drive- way & do whatever they want to do. They have no manners.
—Guest Anonymous

Bad Neighbors in California

My bad neighbors above me are so loud it's unbelievable! They stomp around ALL hours of the night. I mean stomp as in combat boots stomp. They're constantly "dropping" heavy items, causing the ceiling light to rattle. I have my own music, and when I feel like hearing it I play it at a moderate volume for myself to enjoy and Not the entire building. These folks blast their music for the entire block to hear (we don't want to hear your lousy taste in music!) It continues past midnight, even on weeknights when folks have to rise early for work. Oh, and don't even get me started on the barking of their dogs. As soon as these spoiled mutts are left alone they begin howling every few minutes. They also charge back-and-forth across the floor, while creating this racket. If my neighbors are out late, they make no bones about laughing loudly when they return. They're in their 30's but act worse than high school girls.
—Guest sororitygirl

Bad Neighbors in Nebraska: Update

My bad neighbor, Lorraine of Omaha is obsessed with me & my mom on everything we do outside. We saw her glaring at us thru her bedroom window while we were working outside. She is a jealous psycho that is never happy with anything we do. When we first moved to our neighborhood 3 yrs ago & Lorraine's husband greeted us and she was so jealous. She thought my mom and I would take her late old husband away from her which we would never do that. Lorraine waited till her husband died and then she get even with us every way she can because she was upset that her husband looked at us when we were outside working. We didn't want her husband but Lorraine B. was still jealous of us. Then Lorraine's son Guy and his girlfriend's son get even with us for no reason. It wasn't our fault that her husband looked at us & we didn't do anything wrong. It was Lorraine's jealousy that started everything. My mom lost her husband years ago & then her son & still she is jealous.
—Guest Anonymous

Bad Neighbors Covet Our Land

My grandfather passed away and we moved into his old house as the caretakers while my grandmother is in facility suffering from alzheimers. The neighbors want our land so call cops on us all the time. They have called cops, animal control, and child protective and each time they come out they find we are doing nothing wrong. Once police officer even said he felt bad for us. We are in an old neighborhood and he knows our family was in this house and area long before these old bags came. Said our first mistake was my grandpa selling land to the jerk next door to us. He has warned them about the harassment to us but that does not stop them. They hold meetings in the street to point at our house and watch us.
—Guest minerheather

Omaha Bad Neighbors Perpetrate Snow Job

My bad neighbor, Guy B. from Omaha, Ne is still harassing us. He brought his huge snowblower over to our neighbor, Doris W. who lives across the street from us. He used his snowblower to throw all of her snow into our driveway on purpose after me and my 80 yrs old mother shoveled our driveway. Guy is an evil monster. We called the cops on him for doing that on purpose. Guy was hiding in the house and he didn't want to open the door for the cops, because he knew he was GUILTY. The cops told him to stop it. Crazy Guy and his crazy mother, Lorraine B. & his crazy girlfriend and her crazy evil bad seed son keep doing mean things to us because they are so jealous of everything we do, like shoveling the snow, cutting the lawn, raking their leaves, etc. (unbelievable). My father & brother died young & that is why we have to do all of that work ourselves. Guy is the most heartless person on this earth & he enjoys hurting us continuously. God will punish him soon.
—Guest Anonymous

Not 1, but 2 Bad Neighbors

I have not 1 but 2 bad neighbors, the 1st a man in his 60s who (as he shouts drunkenly on the street all the time) has lived here for 31 yrs. His grown children are a menace, the girl running down the driveway with her top off, blasting her music in her car all hours, revving her car in our driveway, the son a drug addict, having drug parties when his parents go away, and the grand children omg. Yelling, screaming, cursing all hours on a daily basis. Riding ATVs down our driveway, no helmets, knocking rocks into our house. This man has even drunkenly told police when I called them finally that he owns this street. The 2nd lives right above me, a 21 yr old twit who has no regard for anyone. Slams doors, stomps at all hours, recently the owner came to shovel and salt, she moved the garbage can this girl put on the porch to do so. when this chippy got home from work she came kicking and punching our door, damaging it. Accused me of the stealing the can; but *she* stole it from me.
—Guest Heather

More on Omaha, NE Bad Neighbors

My sneaky neighbor, Guy B. of Omaha, NE does everything at night so we don't see him. We have high tech security cameras on our house and he doesn't realize we can see him good at day and night time. He was wearing his ridiculous little boy snow suit while he was snowblowing his driveway. He is over 50 & over 6 ft tall and he was all bundled up just like Ralphie from A Christmas Story show (Hilarious). He and his old mother, his girlfriend and her 13 yrs old son destroyed our Halloween decorations outside in the middle of the night. We called the cops at 2 AM & Guy B. & his family were watching us in the dark. When the cops left, this neighbor pulled their shade down. (Pretty obvious) That's why we had to get security cameras because of them and another bad neighbor, Doris W.& her family. They're working together & harassing me & my mom. They are very weird neighbors & not normal. God will punish them for what they have done to us.
—Guest Anonymous

Omaha, NE Bad Neighbor Update

My evil witch neighbor Doris W. of Omaha, Ne has been jealous of us ever since we moved to our home 3 years ago. Doris is jealous of me every time I helped my mom out with outdoor work because her two lazy daughters don't help her. Doris's daughter made her dumb boyfriend shovel snow off of her mother's driveway. Doris knew I lost my brother and father at a young age and the heartless evil witch Doris is still jealous of me and my mom. My mom is 80 years old and she helped me shoveling snow & raking leaves. The daughter's boyfriend is so jealous of me because I helped my mom out. He has been harassing us to please Doris & her daughter by glaring at us. I don't know what their problem is. We know Doris is obsessed with us and she watched us from morning to night. Doris has been harassing us by calling us from her cell phone and she blocked her phone number when she called us. I hope God will punish them.
—Guest Anonymous

Rich Psycho-Neighbor

I have a neighbor who claims to be a medical "professional". He has lots of $ and a bad temper. He's trying to steal my property, intimidate my family, and turn our neighbors against us. We think he abuses his wife and kids because they are afraid of him. He has his minor children vandalize our property so the law can't touch him. His wife is a weirdo with a nervous tick, probably from him; she's also a compulsive liar. I would throw a big party if they moved or dropped dead.
—Guest GetEven

My former Omaha NE evil neighbors

My former evil neighbor, Camille J. and Michael P. from Omaha, Ne are evil jealous witches. Camille has been harassing me ever since I was a child to my adulthood, because she was so jealous of me. She and her family destroyed our property in the middle of the night. Camille lied to everybody about me and my family and the dummies believed her. How sad. Camille called me all the time at my apartment. (15 times in one day) She blocked her cell phone number when she called me. I knew it was her calling me. I had to change my unlisted phone number 7 times because of her and still she found out my new unlisted number to call me again. Camille J. & Michael P. & their families will burn in HELL!
—Guest Anonymous

Stupid, Bad Neighbours in Australia

I'm only 15 and live in Australia, but my neighbours have recently become a pain. They play constant loud music and have started to dump dead palm leaves into our back yard claiming that "it fell by nature." Obviously I was upset that my mum has to deal with this kinda stuff, and today she just had enough and stormed over there, and since she is Chinese and doesn't understand English very well, I had to speak to the neighbours' mother -- who is a nice person but seriously needs to control her immature children. So I was speaking to her about it, but then all of a sudden her daughters come out and start swearing at me using the "it fell by nature" excuse again, and the younger one started calling my mum names and saying she's gonna punch her (and stuff all this trash talk), and then the oldest one, who looked like she hasn't had a shower in 2 years, starts saying she's going to get her "cousin," Sonny (who happens to be one of my friends) to bash me. These people are unbelievable.
—Guest Alan

Omaha Bad Neighbors Update: Teamwork

My neighbors, Doris W., Lorraine B. & their families and the lawyer & his wife who live next door to Lorraine are working together to do mean things to us by asking their friends to do dirty work for them. We had a new driveway put in 3 months ago and ever since our bad neighbors have asked their friends to drive into our driveway repeatedly. They enjoy harassing us. They are Latter Day Saint Mormons. We hope God will punish them for what they have done to us. They are so jealous of our new driveway and they watch us from morning to night. They are very weird people.
—Guest Anonymous

Omaha Update: Turning Others Against Us

Doris W. of Omaha has been harassing us ever since we moved to our neighborhood 3 years ago. She and her two daughters backed into our driveway repeatedly from their driveway and I told her & her daughters to stop that, and after that they have hated us ever since. Doris turned all of the neighbors against us. We don't do that to them, so why do they do that to us? Doris is so jealous of everything we do outdoors, even cutting the lawn, etc. She even called us everyday, so we blocked her phone number. We can't please her. She is so jealous and is obsessed with us.
—Guest Anonymous

Two Years Gone, Thank God!

I had very bad neighbors a few years ago and the damage they did is still prevalent. They had every imaginable disrespectful thing to do to the neighborhood, and only paused the week we were looking to buy our house. They broke windows, played loud music in their yard, and in the ally. They shot fireworks at our house on Fourth of July when they thought we were not home. Their friends offered to shoot our dogs, very loudly, for them. They threw cigarettes, beer cans and bottles, and trash into our yard. My dog got very sick (curious) after eating 'something bad' and it cost us over a thousand dollars to treat her, money we barely had. Now that they are gone I am so happy. But I regret not being proactive, remembering the negativity, paranoia and damages we were subjected to. It is very difficult to feel poorly in what should be your home. If you can fix your situation please do. You might not notice it now but you are probably wasting an insane amount of emotional energy worrying.
—Guest Relieved

Fence Runs like a Dog

My bad neighbor hates me and is obsessed with me. I caught her trying to look in my bedroom window. She has tried to micromanage my property and me. I used to be neighborly and listen to her. Then I got tired and she went too far and I fought with her. If anything, she got really much more excited by that. I finally realized that ignoring her like she didn't exist was the best option - because she is doing crazy stuff for attention. I never speak to her and mostly have peace now. Except if she realizes I'm within earshot, she stands by this little length of fence between our properties and mutters and growls angrily about everything she hates about me. When dogs do that, it's called fence running. I keep my iPod in a player by the backdoor and run music 24/7 just loud enough to provide white noise for me and drown out her ugly voice. Because of her insane and hateful behavior, I see her as a subhuman toad at this point. Probably because she's shaped like a toad as well.

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