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Readers Respond: How Bad Neighbors Can Banish Backyard Serenity

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Water Wars With Our Bad Neighbors

We have alwayes tried to smile and wave at our neighbor up until her oldest daughter called me a whore. And they started to be rude to my 4-year-old daughter. We got new sod in the back, and we had to water it all the time. Well, it didn't look like the water was going over their metal fence. But I guess my water was hitting their trampoline and gravel. Instead of asking us to turn down the water, they instead started to spray our daughters. Also, our bathroom window was open, and they sprayed water in there, getting the inside of our home wet. I should have called the cops, but my husband wanted to see what their next move would be. The next day she started screaming and swearing at me in front of my 4-year-old. I did say some rude stuff back. She decided to call the cops. Nothing resulted from it, but I was told to turn down my sprinkler, and I did. The next day they took down a few pieces of their 6-foot sheet-metal wall to watch our every move, so now we are putting up our own.

Weed Headaches and Other Horror Stories

All my life I've always had bad neighbors. When I was little, some people moved in next door. There were about seven of them in a really small house. They were always screaming at each other and one time they blasted loud salsa music from their stereo all day. None of them worked. Whenever I went near their house, it smelled like weed and I got a headache. When I got into college I was living in an apartment and this really weird guy was living in the complex. He must have been insane, because all night he would bang on the walls and yell about how he wanted to die. I ended up calling the police and they took him to a mental hospital. When I moved to the suburbs 7 years later, I actually had 2 crappy neighbors. Once I had a friend over who was black, and some dude in the neighborhood actually came into my house and said, "We don't want his kind here." And the neighbors across the street must have called the HOA on me 15 times a month! I guess it's my destiny to be near crappy people.
—Guest Al G

Rude Neighbors Threaten A.M. Yard Work

My mom lives alone and has neighbors who are threatening and harassing her, including throwing dirty powder by her back door. Mom plays her radio in the early morning (around 7 a.m.) and cleans her yard, waters her plants, etc. The neighbor came over and yelled at my mom, saying to stop watering and playing her radio. His threat? He is going to get a boombox and play it by her window.
—Guest irma

Driveway Wars

Our neighbors moved in 3 yrs ago. The day they did we were out fishing. We have a side-by-side driveway and came home to find the 2x4's and buckets that were blocking our freshly paved drive, moved onto our yard so they could use our side to back a cube van in closer to their house to unload. When asked about it she lied and said she had trouble backing out of her side so had to come on ours. Since then her kids have hit pucks, balls and rocks at our vehicles and basement windows as they play hockey in the driveway. I have asked numerous times for them to keep it on their side, to no avail. Not to mention that she never has a lid on her garbage cans and there are always bits of garbage and cigarette butts in my yard. Also when they shovel the snow, they put it on our side. Now she is telling our neighbors that I yell at her kids and that I am a b*tch. I have installed a security camera and have put planter boxes down my side of the drive. They have no respect for others' property.

Psycho Neighbour in Ontario

I moved into a new estate area where my husband and I have dreamed of having a house. Only problem is this one neighbour down the street. She has 2 small children and is a total bitch. I have said hi to her several times and she barely acknowledges me and every time she sees me and my daughter walking to the park while she is there with her brats she immediately leaves! How blatant! This has happened every time so obviously she is making a "statement" to me. I am getting to know some of the other moms in the neighbourhood and I can tell that she feels threatened. So now she storms over and stops our conversation, ignoring me and only talking to them. Last night when I stopped to talk to a mom outside, the psycho stood at the end of her driveway and glared at me the whole time! Today while I was driving by and she was outside she gave me the evil eye! It is scary that psychos like that are able to reproduce. No wonder why her kids are brats! I despise people like her!
—Guest Sara

Dog Wars With Bad Neighbors

We have neighbors who get high in the street and on their porch. They threaten to punch our kids for throwing up dust as they go by on their bikes. We have neighbors who will not put their dogs on leashes, and when you confront them (after asking them three times to leash the dogs), they sick their dog on you. You go to swing at the dog (not wanting to hit the dog but to scare it, in self-defense), and they call the police and say you hit it, so you go to jail! It was dismissed because I had a video of just about the whole thing. I try to video everything that goes on in this bad neighborhood.
—Guest Shannon

Entire Neighborhood of Hillbillies

This entire block I lived on was like being in the Twilight Zone. My neighbors had at least 6 people living in this small house and every person had a truck. They would use my driveway anytime they felt like it and when I confronted them about it they told me "well, you aren't using it now". In fact, this was the same answer the entire family gave me. An entire family who thinks it's OK to trespass on someone else's property so long as they aren't using it at that time. Amazing. They would drive in and out of my side of the driveway and even park their vehicles partway onto my driveway. Calling the cops, who said to me that these neighbors were idiots, prompted the redneck father to come over and verbally attack me while holding a beer and reeking of alcohol (obviously drunk). They would run motorcycles and dirt bikes right next to my house in the driveway so that I was unable to use the left portion of the house at all. Truly, the neighbors from hell.
—Guest Some guy

"Weedy," Loud Neighbors

I've been living in my house for 13 years. I have some new neighbors who moved next door to me. They have been there for about 6 months. Ever since they moved in, it has not been a peaceful neighborhood. They party from morning to night, seem like they never go to bed. They play loud music, (I mean music so loud, my windows shake, and pictures fall off the wall), they are always drinking, smoking weed (you can smell the weed all in the air, it gives me a headache). They gamble, shoot dice, and also shoot guns all the time at night. It seems to be about two or three families living in the house together. I don't say anything to them, they curse with every word that comes out of their mouths. I am a christian woman, and I try to live right. These people never go to church. They are ungodly people. I have had to call the police so much. I never had to call the police for anything until these people moved in. I even talked to the Mayor and police chief. Whats next?
—Guest Fredia

Barking Dogs From 6am to 10pm

I hate people that say that "dogs bark, get used to it". Dogs don't have to bark. They can be trained by their owners. But some people are too lazy to train or walk their dogs, and these "unhappy" dogs make everybody unhappy around them. I wish there was a "dog free" neighborhood, like those 55+ neighborhoods. Then maybe I could sleep in on the weekends?
—Guest Kami Asana

Fenced-in Yard Not Private Enough

My new next-door neighbor insists my white boxer is a pit bull. I have a fenced-in yard with padlocks on all gates and "beware of dog" signs on all gates. This bad neighbor is doing everything he can to get the police after me. I told him not to let his dog out, so he lets his dog out. I told him not to come near my fence, so he comes near my fence. He is a so-called macho dude who knows I am a single woman. I need a privacy fence to screen my yard from his.
—Guest kai

Some People Should Grow Up

So we built a new house in an area that we thought was nice at the time. When we moved in our neighbors moved out and new ones moved in. They complained about everything. We decided to put rocks on some parts of our lawn for landscaping purposes, and they went to city hall saying they didn't want it. It's not there lawn. It's ours. They complained about everything that we did. The neighbors on the other side of them did pretty much the same thing and they said nothing. Go figure. Some people just have to grow up.
—Guest Jessica

Get a Fence for Your Dogs!

I have the worst of bad neighbors. He has these two little white dogs that are constantly straying from the yard, 2-3 times A DAY, to the surrounding yards. This white-trash pony-tailed 60-something p.o.s. realizes after a while they are missing, and walks up and down the street with a BULLHORN, yelling for his dogs to come back. This happens 2-3 times a day, and he is completely oblivious to any requests for peace and quiet, and to fence up his dogs. I don't know how many times they need to escape, before he does something. Then, he KICKS them all the way home. I have him on video doing this. I think he sets them up to roam, so he can abuse them when he catches up with them. This is in Danbury, CT. Police don't care, and he LIVES to pick fights with anyone who dares say anything to him. "Hate him" does not begin to describe my feelings.
—Guest FED UP

The Party Landscape

My neighbors have all-night parties... There is lots of horn honking, yelling, and verbal arguments. I heard one young girl scream, "I'm so sexy on my back at 4:00am." They need to go!
—Guest Tedd

Bad Neighbor Just Stares and Glares

We used to have a relationship with our bad neighbor, who has recently moved into our neighborhood. But since then we have lost any sort of relationship with him. In turn, he has come to the conclusion that his only means of intimidation is to stare at us. He and his crack-head friend sit on this massive deck he has built. They sit at the patio table closest to our yard. He has 4 separate patio tables on his deck. Who has 4 patio sets on their deck? They will come out of their house when we get home and take to our deck, which is above theirs, and turn their chairs to face us and just stare. They stare through our dinner and our after-dinner watching of the sunset, until we go back into the house. Last night we went out to our deck after a hard day's work to enjoy a glass of wine and unwind, and out they came and sat and stared. When I went down to water my planters and flower beds, the male stretched his neck above the fence he built (so he wouldn't have to look at my ugly face) and stared with this weird smile. Creepy! What do we do?
—Guest Mr & Mrs Jones

Frauds Force Fence in Border War

I have my second set of bad neighbors. Dogs peeing on my lawn because they can, calling me names for taking pictures of their bad behavior, swearing at me. I surveyed and fenced and now the whole street hates me because my fraudly disabled neighbor had to put his camper on his own property and it made it hard for them to park. If they respected my property the fence would never have moved. They put a closed circuit tv on their house and watched me all winter then just cut back trees so they can still do it. I put security cameras up as I have retained a lawyer because they told me they are going to "make me move." Pellet guns, fraud disability claims...just disgusting to watch.
—Guest ko idiot alley

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How Bad Neighbors Can Banish Backyard Serenity

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