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Readers Respond: What Are the Best Christmas Yard Decorations?

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Christmas yard decorations take many forms. Some people prefer the natural look, examples of which can be seen in my article on natural Christmas decorations. Others display inflatable Christmas decorations and the like. The latter are a hit with kids but often despised by adults. Still others set up religious displays such as outdoor Nativity scenes. You don't have to put up Christmas yard decorations, yourself to be a connoisseur of them, right? So what type of display strikes you as the best when you're out driving around during the holidays? Or if you do spruce up your landscape with Christmas yard decorations, share your ideas with us: Let us know what ornaments you use -- and why.

Relax, Enjoy Christmas Yard Decorations

Hi there. Since I very seldom get the chance to drive out in the dark, when I do...at Christmas time...I just love to look at all the decorations that folks have taken the time to put up. It is so wonderful! There are a few in our town in Frankford that really go out of their way...my husband slowed down one night just to see what they all had done, much to the annoyance of the people behind him. Slow down and enjoy the view. These people have spent a lot of time for the enjoyment of us and themselves. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!!!
—Guest Valerie

Whatever Pleases You

I feel people get too critical about how others do Christmas. I like small white or blue lights & candelabra, but most anything is nice!
—Guest LaurelBLowder

Natural Decorations are the Way to Go!

I live in an old house. When the house was built, Christmas lights weren't available. So, putting modern lights on an old house just doesn't seem appropriate. I just decorate with a pine wreath on my front door and pine roping on my porch railings. Understated, yet appropriate for my old house.
—Guest Bah Humbug

Any Christmas Yard Decorations a Plus

Any decorating that a person is able to do is great! Not everyone has the money or the means. It just adds more spirit to the occasion.
—Guest Kathy S

Best Christmas Yard Decorations

I prefer simplicity with a one color theme. I like lights on the house or in the windows and trees displayed in the windows or outdoor trees wrapped in lights. Outdoors themes are always interesting. I do not like the inflatables at all.
—Guest Judy

Bring Out the Christmas Ornaments

Christmas yard decorations are incomplete without the presence of attractive Christmas ornaments. You can find these ornaments easily in any Christmas store in your neighborhood. Opt for candy canes, ginger bread figurines, Rudolph the reindeer and many more artifacts that can add to the festive feel. Also, decide on how you will use these ornaments to decorate the yard. Sometimes, Christmas yard decorations don't live up to our expectations. This can be because of improper planning at this stage.
—Guest shashi patil

Christmas Yard Decorations

I like the 'simple' look. I put a couple of strings of miniature red and green lights wrapped around my Alberta Spruce. Also I put my Santa's mailbox and wicker Rudolph outside my front door entryway. I get a lot of compliments on the nice clean 'somewhat understated' look (i.e., on the simplicity of it all).
—Guest Es_espin@shaw.ca


I think the 6 ft long zebra decorated with a red bow and wreath sums up what I thought, perfectly. Think of what the baby Jesus and his family must be thinking with these displays about his birthday -- bet they're laughing in heaven. When you drive around looking at the Christmas yard decorations, keep that thought in mind....
—Guest jhcp

Christmas Yard Decor: Nativity Scenes

All we have in our yard is a nativity scene because that IS Christmas and we want to show our Christian faith to anyone who drives by. We have candles at the windows and swags with bows on the outside of the windows and some pine garland on the split-rails at the driveway entrance and a wreath on the lamppost, but that's about it. I don't care for the inflatables and other tacky things. Fun for kids, though.
—Guest Pipper

Go All Out in Christmas Yard Decorating

With holiday yard decorations I say go all out or don't go at all. The yard with one inflatable Santa really doesn't do it for me and looks a bit cheesy. I want to see an entire winter wonderland.
—Guest Kat

Have a Sense of Humour

I think tasteful and tasteless are great. We can enjoy something sublime, and something utterly flamboyant as well. This is my first year decorating the exterior, so I've just bought a single string of lights. Next year I hope to tackle a large maple and encase it in tacky lights.
—Guest crawlerbackhoe

Nativity Christmas Yard Decorations

I put out a large Nativity scene, because I think we Christians may not always have that opportunity the way the world is going. I love whimsical decorations and traditional too. I hate those blow ups they are so tacky.
—Guest Hollybelle

Xmas Yard Decorations Fun to Critique

The beauty of yard displays is that they are all different. That's what makes it fun to ride around and critique them for tastefulness, tackiness, and, the ultimate praise exclamation (for those who even decorate their decks and back yards and sheds etc.) of "wonderland"!

Keep It Simple

Personally, the yards filled with inflatables, mangers, illuminated reindeers hitched to sleighs etc etc just look junky to me. It doesn't make me feel festive, it makes me feel like saying "bah, humbug!" Rather than spending hundreds of dollars on tacky decorations, how about just keeping it simple, with some strings of lights? Take the money that would have been spent on trashy decorations and donate it to a charity that provides holiday meals for people in need. Less junk for the landfill, and more attention to the true spirit of the holidays!
—Guest Susan H

Christmas Yard Decorations Are for Kids

I try to make my front lawn as festive as possible for the holidays, for the sake of my kids. I wouldn't use the airblown inflatables if I were decorating just for myself, but my kids love them, so I say "inflate away!"
—Guest santashelper

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